Private Shower

Private In-house Shower

One of the luxuries of traveling having a Gold Rhino Truck Camper or RV Trailer is having your own private shower facilities on board.  Say goodbye to the inconvenience and discomfort of communal campground showers – with our campers and trailers, you can enjoy the convenience and privacy of a hot shower whenever you please. Whether you’re washing off the sweat after a hike or simply refreshing after a long day on the road, our spacious showers provide a rejuvenating oasis that allows you to stay clean and comfortable throughout your journey.

Quick Overview

Adjustable water temperature and pressure settings cater to your personal preferences.
Ample space and thoughtful design features enhance comfort and convenience during use.
Privacy doors (with mirror in some models) ensure a secluded and comfortable showering experience.

FAQ’s for RV Trailer & Truck Camper Private In-house Shower

Absolutely! For the truck campers and RV Trailers that are equipped with showers, you and your family will enjoy the adult sized, private shower, allowing you to freshen up and relax with the convenience and privacy of home.
The truck campers and RV trailers feature spacious shower areas with enough room to comfortably move around, ensuring a pleasant and rejuvenating showering experience.
We invite you to request a quote for any of the Off-Road RV Trailer Models that you're interested in.

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