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State-of-the-Art Production Facility

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At Gold Rhino Camper, we take pride in our state-of-the-art production facility, where quality and innovation converge to create the highest caliber off-road RV trailers and truck campers on the market.

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Our production facility working
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Our State-of-the-Art Production Facility is second to none.
Cutting-edge Manufacturing

Gold Rhino Truck Campers and RV Travel Trailers are carefully designed for now and for the future

Our cutting-edge manufacturing processes leverage the latest technology and industry best practices to ensure every camper that rolls off our assembly line meets our exacting standards for excellence.

Foreward-Thinking Engineers

Gold Rhino Camper is leading the way in the truck camper industry with our forward-thinking approach.

At Gold Rhino Camper, we’re pioneering the future of the truck camper industry with innovative designs and forward-thinking solutions.
By continuously innovating and embracing new technologies, we’re setting new standards for quality, comfort, and versatility.

Team Players

At Gold Rhino Camper, we’re dedicated team players who deeply value our partnerships across the globe.

Collaborating with our valued partners enables us to expand our reach and provide top-quality truck campers and RV travel trailers to adventurers worldwide. By working together, we not only bring attention to our quality brand, but also empower our partners to thrive in the constant evolving truck camper industry.

Gold Rhino Camper Mission

Our mission is to empower adventurers and mobile workers to embrace the flexibility of a truck camper and travel trailer

At Gold Rhino Truck Camper, we’re passionate about providing outdoor enthusiasts with top-tier truck campers designed to enhance their adventures. With years of experience in the industry, we understand the importance of quality, comfort, and versatility when it comes to exploring the great outdoors